Right Surveyors Asset Management

The Right Surveyors - Building and Property SurveyorsRight Surveyors Multi Asset Management covers the whole of England and Wales and consists of a team of fully qualified Chartered Surveyors with extensive experience in commercial and residential property. We use up-to-date techniques, to ensure fast turn-around times and competitive quotes. As such, we can provide an extremely high quality service for less than you would expect.

Right Surveyors Asset Management Ltd (RSAM) is split into three departments at present: Asset Management, Property Management and Party Wall.

The Party Wall Department has dealt with properties with multiple adjoining owners, chiefly as the Building Owner’s Surveyor, and specialise in commercial projects and large scale contracts. We have extensive experience of resolving difficult neighbour issues with regards to the Party Wall Act.

Our private sector clients include Housing Associations, Private Sector Companies, Solicitors and entities in the public sector.

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Right Surveyors - Building and Property Asset Management

We provide a complete professional service that is flexible and affordable for our clients. Our specialist surveyors can help with whatever is required, from building surveys to schedules, structural calculations to measured plans.

Our wide range of skills means we can almost always keep it all 'in house', so you don't have to pay for us to manage other contracts.

We aim to understand as much as possible about our clients' business(es) and their objectives, allowing us to tailor our own service accordingly and accurately meet their requirements.

Other Services Include :

Property and Building Asset Management

Right Surveyors Asset Management produces thousands of reports for construction companies and energy consultants all over the country, to satisfy the stringent guidelines of the Government's new Energy Companies Obligation.

Right Surveyors can provide both the efficiency and modern technology that comes with a specialist team, with the experience and, as is important for this work, signatures of fully qualified Chartered Surveyors. We can provide the required Chartered Surveyors Reports for hard-to-treat cavities, solid wall insulation, Energy Performance (EPCs) and all other reports required to establish recommended measures' under the Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation) Order 2012.

If you require surveyors for any type of work under the ECO scheme, contact the Asset Management office

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